Portfolio Companies

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a highly contagious “super bug” that is dramatically increasing worldwide. Respiratory MRSA occurs when the bacterium embeds in the lungs and throat, and leads to chronic breathing problems, airway damage, and often death. Lung compromised patients are at highest risk, e.g. patients with cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, HIV and COPD, as well as ventilated patients (VAP). There are currently no suitable products for chronic treatment of respiratory MRSA – current IV antibiotics are systemically toxic and poorly lung penetrating. Savara’s Aerovanc is the first product specifically designed for respiratory MRSA. AeroVanc is a patient friendly dry powder inhaler formulation of the most widely used intravenous MRSA drug vancomycin. Delivery of the drug by inhalation directly to the site of infection ensures maximal efficacy with greatly reduced systemic exposure and adverse effects. The product has successfully completed a Phase I a healthy volunteer trial as well as a proof-of-concept trial in CF patients. Savara is raising a $5M Series B round of investment with a lead and terms already in place. NTAN members have participated in ~$1M of this round. The funds will be used to complete its Phase IIa efficacy trial in CF patients which should lead Savara to exit.

Tango Tab has developed an innovative social, local and mobile marketing solution that, for the first time, empowers restaurants to create offers that allow them to attract guests to fill tables when necessary, risk-free.  Without having to spend hundreds of dollars every month, or giving up all revenues with daily deals, TangoTab provides restaurants the ability to provide real-time promotions with return on investments that can be measured.  For diners, TangoTab is a free service that provides great offers at their favorite restaurants, and every time a consumer redeems an offer, TangoTab donates a meal to a person in need through local food banks and hunger-relief charities. When you eat, they eat.

Biscotti Inc. is a consumer electronics company that designs, builds and markets high-definition video calling products for the home. Our latest innovation, Biscotti TV Phone, gives everyone the ability to share real-time experiences from the comfort of their living room, erasing the distance between family and friends. With real-life picture and sound, Biscotti TV Phone is magically simple to use for all ages. Plus, you can make unlimited free calls to anyone, anywhere. It’s the next best thing to being there. Biscotti TV Phone was created by a team of lovable scientists in Texas, led by Dr. Matthew B. Shoemake, a pioneer in Wi-Fi and video communications. Biscotti Inc. is privately held and backed by Palomar Ventures of Santa Monica, California.

The ErgoNurse is the only safe patient handling product on the market that is a true “No Lift System”. The ErgoNurse allows caregivers to safely move, transfer and reposition patients without ever manually lifting the patient. The ErgoNurse will reduce nursing staff injuries, keep patients safe during transfer and repositioning as well as eliminate bedsores which rank among the most costly and debilitating of complications suffered by hospitalized patients.

Meals to Live™ products are chef-created frozen meals carefully crafted to be both nutritious and delicious. Their specialized nutritional value makes them a convenient partner for a heart-healthy and diabetic diet. All nutritional content is easy to understand and located on the Nutritional Key on the front of the box. Enjoy a varied menu of choices found in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store. All Meals to Live entrees are low in saturated fat and sodium, contain 0 preservatives and 0 grams of trans fat. Gluten-free options are also available.

Natural Dental Implants™ is an early-stage dental technology and services company with a disruptive system for replacing non-functional teeth with anatomically shaped prostheses rather than surgical dental implants (titanium screw, abutment and crown). The REPLICATE™ Non-Surgical Tooth Replacement System is 100% customized to each patient’s dental anatomy, is designed for single tooth replacement, and is intended to be used in lieu of a three-unit dental bridge or a traditional, single-tooth implant.

Ikonopedia is an image-based breast imaging interpretation, reference, and report generation SaaS product. It connects to any of the existing Radiology Information Systems (RIS) via a bi-directional HL-7 interface. By selecting images on any touch-screen input device (i-Pad, Tablet, etc.) the radiolgist builds his report of findings in the background and accomplishes all associated adminstrative tasks while achieving 25% greater productivity.

StreamVine is a utility for mass-customizing video streams at scale. Our patent-pending technology literally morphs video streams in real time, providing dynamic video customization using any known data about any viewer. You have ultimate flexibility and control over how your videos appear to different audiences, over different distributions, and for different individuals. Videos never have to be the same again.

HitFix brings the world of entertainment to fans of music, movies and television by uniquely combining an innovative event calendar application with exceptional editorial content. HitFix’s “insider” journalists help guide entertainment choice, while its proprietary Event Forecast (calendar app) lets fans discover upcoming events and manage their entertainment lifestyle.

EndoSphere has developed a weight-loss device, called the “SatiSphere™” that is placed in the duodenum and effectively slows the passage of food thereby causing increased satiety signaling to the brain. EndoSphere’s technology takes advantage of the fixed shape of the duodenum, thereby achieving ‘self-anchoring’. This is a significant element of EndoSphere’s intellectual property, and has the added benefit of permitting the procedure to be completed quickly, and with less skill.

Rethink Books is a technology company focused on helping readers buy, interact, and share more books. We believe technology can help us engage with books in exciting new ways.

KIMBIA gives cause organizations the power to improve and optimize their existing online fundraising and event efforts. Our platform and our people help organizations easily build and deploy best-in-class solutions anywhere online.

Studios 121 is the complete turnkey solution for all of your video production and creative service needs. Within the walls of our 43,000 sq. ft. facility, our highly creative team delivers the very best creative and production values possible, and on budget. Whether you require satellite uplink for your next cable news “live shot,” fiber connectivity, print, or script-to-screen production and creative services in English or Spanish, Studios 121 is happy to serve you.

MedCAD® is a leader in custom medical device development and manufacturing. Our digitally developed devices help surgeons create more informed surgical plans and save time. We provide precision-fitting implants along with accurate guides and splints resulting in less O.R. time, less risk to the patient, and ultimately… better outcomes.

eNicotine (eNT) is a healthcare company committed to reducing the harm associated with tobacco products by combining clean nicotine aerosols for inhalation with empowering e-­‐health tools to help individuals transition from smoking. eNT’s nicotine delivery device is being developed under the new regulatory pathway created by the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), enabling a significantly de-­‐risked rapid-­‐to-­‐ market strategy.

PerioSciences researches, formulates, and markets topically applied, antioxidant-based products for oral care & hygiene for both humans and animals. The company markets to dental professionals, hygienists, veterinarians and medi-spas. PerioSciences’ objective is to establish a new category of topical antioxidants for the oral care market.

Vital Art and Science, Inc. has developed the first FDA cleared smartphone-based home vision function monitor for those afflicted with degenerative eye diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) and Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). These afflict over 40M people in the US and Europe today.

Verdero’s cloud based “software as a service” (SAAS) solution enables commercial building owners to generate revenue from energy curtailment incentives. Preconfigured rules-based scenarios automatically engage in a matter of seconds in the event of a grid emergency or high electricity prices. Facilities managers can override settings and maintain complete control and comfort of tenants using a web-based interface from any location. Vedero receives payments for providing the software

AdBmThe AdBm Noise Abatement System is a passive, simple, and safe noise abatement system. There is a sizeable and growing concern about the impact of underwater noise on marine wildlife in many communities. Our system is more effective and more reliable than current technology at abating noise, helping to guarantee that there will be minimal activity on the environment from industrial activities. In addition, current noise abatement technology requires that arrays of large air compressors are run continuously to create air bubble curtains. These compressors burn a considerable amount of diesel and the compressed air stirs up the sea floor sediment. The passive nature of our system means that, not only is the system more effective and reliable, but air compressors are not required.

InterveneIntervene is an up and coming medical device start-up company reinventing the way physicians treat severe venous disease in the legs.  The technology represents the first ever catheter-based, non-implantable approach, which allows physicians to create new vein valves for patients who are unable to efficiently pump blood out of their legs and back to their heart.  Millions of Americans currently suffer from painful venous statis ulcers (VSU’s) and other costly and devastating symptoms, yet no therapy currently exists to solve one of the most prevalent underlying causes:  deep vein valve failure.  InterVene plans to change that.

RetrotopeRetrotope is striving to change aging as we know it, so that people do not have to suffer the ravages of many degenerative diseases.  Retrotope is a clinical stage pharmaceutical startup that is leading the advance of a revolutionary new unified theory of aging and degeneration that can result in dramatically new approaches to therapy.  It is creating a new category of drugs composed of proprietary compounds that target degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, mitochondrial myopathies and retinopathies.

LinearLabsLinear Labs has created an entirely new type and class of motor and generator (both linear and rotary).  Utilizing entirely new methods of operation, these machines do not depend on the principles of switched magnetic reluctance, enabling efficiencies far beyond conventional motor/generator technologies.  This technology does not require complex electronic controllers or mechanical communication with virtually silent operation with little heat gain and losses.  The first electric motor that accepts any source of electric power, DC, or AC power, single phase or three phase.  The highest watt per torque ever established and thrives on low speed-high torque operation without overheating.  Extreme reliability as a coil fault or short doesn’t stop motor/generator operation, perfect for critical or safe shutdown loads.  In regenerative service as in electric vehicles, instantly converts momentum directly into battery charging.  Perfect for windpower, wavepower, or other high torque-low speed machines.

TellaFirmaTella Firma manufactures and sell a patented new-home construction foundation system which protects the home from damage caused by movement due to active clay soils or seismic activity, giving the homeowner the assurance of a worry-free foundation that outperforms and outlast any other slab on ground foundation. Typical issues like cracking brick, doors that stick, and costly foundation repairs are virtually eliminated. This engineered foundation system is the next generation in the design of foundations which evolved with reinforcement using re-bar, then to post-tension cables, and now to the advancement of the elevated Tella Firma Foundation.


Bringing 21st century thermometry to the digital world, Prima-Temp’s technology provides the most precise and accurate core body temperature measurements available. Our products reliably and conveniently detect subtle changes in temperature, and then communicate that data directly to a smartphone.  Prima-Temp has revolutionized wireless, continuous temperature sensing.  Our platform technologies will transform many healthcare challenges and empower users to engage in their own health and well-being.

bioxiness-logoBioxiness Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 2007 to address the emerging global threat of infectious diseases by discovering and developing a new class of small molecule antibiotic medicines.  First-generation Bioxiness compounds have a promising pharmacological profile: they have minimal toxicity, act on a bacterial target against which no drug resistance has yet developed, and have anti-microbial activity against several Gram-negative and Gram-positive pathogens.  For more details visit: www.bioxiness.com