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For Investors

Benefits of NTAN Participation
North Texas Angel Network Investor Involvement
Have options. Be diversified.

Invest in your comfort level according to your plan.

Utilize the combined knowledge and experience of the network to help you make more informed decisions.

Successful early-stage investing is challenging and becomes increasingly difficult the earlier the investment is made in the startup's lifecycle. The typical angel network model of direct investments in startups is only sustainable if there is strong leadership from investors with a track record of achieving attractive returns, and even then, successful participation is limited by the ability to execute on a diversified startup investing plan.

It's kind of like betting on the new unknown horse and jockey with the low odds of winning. The potential for amazing returns are what draw investors in, successfully executing on a well thought out investment plan is what allows you to keep playing. This is why a strategy for building a diversified startup investment portfolio is key and utilizing ways to invest that offer the flexibility to support your plan are crucial as you gain experience as a startup investor.

NTAN is not a party or beneficiary of any investment transactions. NTAN facilitates an array of investment participation options ranging from direct investments to leading or following in NTAN member led syndications through special purpose vehicles (SPVs). SPVs also allow for greater investment diversification opportunities through lower investment minimums and a meritocratic investment structure based on participation level in sourcing through closing of the deal.

How SPVs can help facilitate diversified angel investing strategies: Video Link

Levels of NTAN Participation:

NTAN Syndicate Backer

  • Participation as NTAN syndicate backer; sign up
  • Invited to participate in monthly deal review meetings with entrepreneurs seeking funding and NTAN investor community. Ability to invest in syndicated deals diligenced and led by NTAN Angel/Venture partners.
  • NTAN syndicate backers agree to abide by same Rules of Membership and Conduct as NTAN members.
General Membership

  • Access to participation in all NTAN activities.
  • Access to all dealflow with ability to indicate interest in which deals you would like to have present to the membership's monthly deal review meetings.
  • Ability to invest directly in applicant companies according to agreeable terms negotiated with the company, subject to company minimum.
  • Can also invest as a NTAN syndicate backer.
NTAN Angel Partner

  • General Membership + 
  • Ability to participate as a syndicate lead investor in NTAN syndications and earn corresponding carried interest.
    • Lead investors share due diligence and facilitate periodic updates and on-going reporting post-funding to syndicate backers. 
  • Structure is negotiable amongst investors on a deal by deal basis.
NTAN Venture Partner

Similar to an NTAN Angel Partner, but for a fund, family office, corporate strategic investor, endowment, or other institutional investor or organization.

NTAN Sponsor

For Investors
Benefits of NTAN Membership.

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