Disciplined Entrepreneurs Investing

The North Texas Angel Network is a member-led group of over 50 disciplined entrepreneurs investing in Texas deals.

NTAN members are entrepreneurs or other business leaders who have made good money by taking smart risks. Membership is by invitation to accredited investors who comply with our Code of Conduct. Membership is $2,000 first year, $1,750 thereafter. NTAN does not provide investment advice or make investments for its own account.

Individual members make individual decisions about which entrepreneurs to trust with their hard earned dollars. Companies that get funded are well prepared and run by a founding team that inspires confidence. We seek very high potential and may accept very high risk. We help build good companies, one at a time. The goal of these investments is a cash exit that delivers wealth to the entrepreneur and appropriate returns to the early investors.

Our opportunity evaluation process is formal, transparent and rigorous. Direct interaction with active investors begins as soon as a company application is filed. It is free to apply to NTAN. There are modest fees to engage in our review process ($250) and to present to the members ($500). A Due Diligence fee of $5,000 is due if our full process completes and the cap table entry is material. Quality deals can get funded up to $1MM by NTAN and up to $2MM by syndication with other groups in the Alliance of Texas Angel Networks (ATAN). Entrepreneurs always benefit by engaging with these successful operators.

The funding process starts by sending a non-confidential summary to our Executive Director (chuck@northtexasangels.org). There are unknowable questions – be as direct as you can. The best applications explain the opportunity instead of trying to sell the deal. All questions welcome.