Investor FAQ’s

Am I good fit to be a member of NTAN?

First, you must be an Accredited Investor as defined in the section titled SEC Regulations. Our members have diverse backgrounds but most have had successful careers as entrepreneurs, senior executives or as professionals in law, accounting, medicine, etc. In general, angel investors own financial assets between $1M and $10M and are comfortable allocating up to 10% of their portfolio to high return/high risk investments such as early stage companies. The typical investment for a member in a given deal is $25k and the typical investment by the group as a whole ranges between $200k and $600k.

What is the annual cost of membership?

$1,750 a year for first 4 years and $1,500 a year thereafter, with a $250 Initiation fee first year.

Will I be obligated to invest in specific deals?

No member is obligated to invest in any deal; in fact NTAN does not offer investment advice at all. NTAN is a collaborative, member led forum where angel investors share information and insight. There is no annual minimum investment amount required to sustain NTAN membership.

Can I use meetings to promote my professional services to NTAN members and/or presenting companies?

During all NTAN meetings, we enforce a strict “No Pitch” rule meaning that you should not use meetings to promote your services or raise funds for your own business ventures. Nor should you pitch your services to presenting entrepreneurs who have paid NTAN for the privilege of presenting their companies to our group. “ Pitching” is only allowed for sponsors who pay NTAN for exposure, attendance at meetings and for brief time slots to describe their services to members and presenting companies.

How do I become a member of NTAN?

Membership in NTAN is by invitation only based on a recommendation by a current member or the Executive Director. If you know a current NTAN member, ask that person for an invitation to one of our meetings as a guest. Prior to the meeting, you will receive a brief orientation to NTAN. Following the meeting you may request membership which will be reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors. For further information please contact Aaron Gathmann at