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In 1985, Mark Griege and Rex Robertson founded RGT as a response to our clients’ demand to extend our services beyond traditional tax accounting. At RGT we recognize theimportance of personalized services that are specifically tailored to our clients needs. As an independent firm, RGT does not participate in either commission or transactional compensation, nor do we sell any financial products. Our mission is to serve our clients and their families by helping them identify, evaluate and achieve their financial goals by offering financial planning and investment management services with the highest standards of integrity, excellence, innovation and professionalism.


We’re leading a charge to elevate your expectations. Indifference towards or tolerance of your exising bank does not equal satisfaction. Our mission to earn your business on a daily basis may be contrary to the trend in banking these days, but we believe that it’s time for a Service Revolution. That revolution starts now. And we are making it part of everything we do. From our employee training and technological developments to our financial products and policies, we always have our customers in mind to make sure you get the treatment you deserve.


The focus of Whitley Penn from its inception in 1983 has been to provide high quality and exemplary service to its clients. We provide a full range of professional services including: tax planning, financial statement attestation, forensic investigation, M&A planning, and business valuation services. For the last ten years Whitley Penn was named in the “Best of the Best” listing in INSIDE Public Accounting Report of the top 25 accounting firms in the country. We have two Dallas/Fort Worth area offices, 24 partners and approximately 175 total personnel.


At Andrews Kurth, “straight talk” guides everything we do. It’s how we converse with clients, colleagues, courts—and even our adversaries. It means we pursue issues head-on, rather than detouring into legalese. It means we cut through the confusion and find simple solutions to help our clients succeed.  Decades ago, our founder Frank Andrews envisioned a firm where every individual practiced law in a manner “that the firm would have always the full confidence of clients and the trust of all people.”  We deliver unsurpassed client service, focusing on our client’s needs and objectives.  These values formed our foundation in the last century, and our firm stands strongly upon them to this day.